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Welcome to the new home of ICH

Here is the new home of all things Iowa City • Coralville Hockey. Check back for news and information about upcoming events for both Youth and Adult hockey!


More Hockey Opportunities!

Bob's Adult LTP ( March 31)
3x3 Cross Ice Session (April 2)

Please see attached forms and ICH calendar

Youth Learn To PLay

Hockey season NEVER really ends :)

Please see the attachment for further skating opportunities.  The LTP program is run by the rink and is staffed mostly by ICH coaches.  This is for younger participants, mostly mite, mini-mite, and newer skaters.  Any questions? Please contact the rink at 319-354-7870. 

Adult LTP

I hope you are all excited for the upcoming clinic. I am truly looking forward to getting back on the ice with adult learners. A couple quick points:
- Please bring the  Registration Sheet to the rink completed for Monday. I know there is a cost associated with registering, but it gives you insurance that covers on ice activity. It is also one of the reasons we try to keep the cost low for the clinic itself.
-If you have extra equipment, I hope you can bring some to share. I think some people will not have the right stuff, so let's share! I will have some paper and pens handy so that you can write down who borrowed equipment.
-I am requiring helmets, gloves, skates and stick. I would prefer that people have more, especially elbow pads and shin pads. You all can use this list as a way to look for equipment, you don't need to copy me though! Also, Play it Again Sports in Iowa City has some equipment, Play it Again Cedar Rapids generally has more.
-Please bring a few different sweaters if you have them.
-We won't be doing the dry land training this year. If people wanted to do some stuff, feel free to.
There will be a broad range of experience on the ice. We will try to group accordingly for the skills. Teams for the 3v3 will have balanced teams. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
Start stretching now!
Bob Gutwein
ICH Hockey Director

Adult LTP


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